We have been inspired for years
within the food sector

Guiding better-for-you products is our mission


We use our experience and knowledge to connect partners with our extensive network in a personal, creative and transparent way focused on introductions.

Realizing a positive contribution in thinking along and applying sustainable solutions, whereby achieving the maximum connection and availability of better-for-you products is our competence.

How we work

Using our broad network we manage the preparation and introduction phase from start to finish. Through a distinctive approach we act to connect industry and partners for common sustainable success. Read more

  • Strategy


    We help our partners “hands on” in developing various strategic issues, which are necessary when introducing a better for you product in the market.

  • Sourcing


    We have a sharp eye for discovering and testing innovative better-for-you products. Our extensive network makes the best possible connection between supply and demand.

  • Get started

    Get started

    We are able to help our partners in facilitating a solid back end from which an effective sale can be started.

  • Marketing


    We have proven solutions for introducing better for you products that increase the chance of success. In this way we support our partners in an efficient and creative way.

  • Sales


    We help our partners find the most suitable buyers for the right phase, this can be both at home and out off home markets. These locations are carefully selected by us to achieve the best result.

  • Monitoring


    The best possible results can only be achieved if it is properly executed. We help our partners by paying close attention to the implementation of various actions.

Our Work


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