In our experience, better-for-you products often start with smaller companies

Better-for-you products

It turns out the “better-for-you” term means different things to different people. Generally, the term invokes a “healthier” connotation for most consumers. Yet others have developed more specific associations with it, such as lactose-free, plant-based, vegan, organic, natural or low in sugar and calories.

Better-for-you products are purchased by 65% of consumers, showing that the concept holds widespread appeal. We want to help change consumer behaviour towards conscious consumption to decrease the harm we do to our planet and support better-for-you products and services.

Developments in production and introduction of better-for-you products often start with smaller companies. They are the pioneers by setting new standards in the different categories in which they operate. This can be in several areas like logistics, packaging, production, and making sure the product adds more value to the market.

Better for all.