Sustainable sourcing at scale is
industry’s new must-have


Product development

Co-developing and connecting better-for-you (bfy) products and food & drinks concepts for manufacturers, wholesalers, caterers, retailers and other end users is one of our competences.

New products with own label supporting in finding the right partners in the field of raw materials, co-packers and packaging. From finding the right drink fillers per type of drink or the specific frozen production location enabling producing your product you are looking for till the desired sustainable packaging.

We have an extensive database with which we are able to help you find existing better-for-you products and concepts.

Logistic solutions

Regardless of your logistics question, we know how to find a suitable partner. This can concern a small-scale transport, but also in bulk. We have close contact with transport partners in ambient, fresh and frozen products

We worked with many kind of product groups from Europe and US and challenging prices for distributors, wholesalers, retailers, foodservice endusers in value chain from manufacturer to consumer. This includes VAT, import duties, transport costs.

With our purchasing and sales know-how we can assess whether the brand has potential for the targeted markets and we can seriously support in determining the most fitting pricing in the value chain for target groups in market.

Tony Wim’s network of wholesalers, importers and end users is the ideal combination to get a product to the right place in the Dutch Foodservice and Retail market. His innate passion to introduce better-for-you products is a pleasant addition!

– Loek Beemster SVH Meesterkok


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