Pumphouse brewery

Introfood was asked by Phaff marketing to talk to Canadean potential interesting producers to export to Europe. After different conversations with the Radler producer Pumbhouse Brewery in our advise van Tol could be the right partner. The personal introductions realized a match between them. Finally Van Tol introduced in 2021 Pumphouse in the Dutch retailmarket.

Tastes Like Sunshine

You won’t experience intense flavor like this too often in a can of beer. Crafty Radler includes a mix of house-made grapefruit and tangerine craft soda that is as appealing to the taste buds as it is to the nose. This refreshing blend gives off a wonderful smell of ripe, freshly sliced grapefruit with sweet notes of fresh-picked tangerines. Your taste buds will light up with excitement begging you to take another sip every single time!

What we have achieved