Introductions on new markets often struggle because producers choose too quickly,

without having gained their own experience

the right path

For “better-for-you” producers who want to bring a new product to the market and or for producers who want to offer their products in new markets, we facilitate various services that are necessary in the start-up and introduction phase.

Introductions of better-for-you food products on new markets regularly fail because producers choose trading partners too quickly, without having gained their own experience. They get stuck when the cooperation turns out less beneficial as planned.

Introducing in the right way is a speciality and key whereby short-term results are secundary to long-term successes.

The six phases

The first phases of preparations, from research to testing and finding the first customers in new markets is done on a transparent basis. It takes well prepared definitons which targetgroups will be approached first. Full focus on the right entry markets needs extra attention, instead of selling as much as possible in a short period. Sharing results transparently with our partners is our goal.

After this period of experience gains, the chance of making the right medium- and long-term strategic choices is increased. We aim for results with a focus on the long term successes.

With the experience in introducing and guiding “better-for-you products” Introfood will realize best match makings in a personal, creative and transparent way that offers extra perspectives for our trading partners. We strive for positive systematic change in the use of “better-for-you products”.

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