We support in the strategy for your sustainable journey


In our opinion the first steps we will join you in your customer journey you won’t offer your independency. Get the right direct feeling and feedback supported with our experience. In which market segments and when we want to start and or grow? Thinking of entering new markets? We share our experiences with you for these challenges.


After analyzing in a well-considered way the next steps for a proper introduction will be made.

Via Introfood, producers who meet the standards can get an excellent sparring partner in order to introduce these products. The A to Z possibility in facilitating a collection of relevant services using of the available knowledge and network. Connections with relevant target groups are established more easily. Testing and introducing in a transparent manner within a defined segment is an example of this.

After a transparent independent preparation and experience period, the chances of a greater degree of future durability are increased. By helping to find the right customers, including through the short chain, facilitating these products and concepts to the desired target groups. After this period, a sound decision can be made to choose the right strategic trading partners.

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