In order to gain familiarity with your new better-for-you product, the Introbox can be a very useful tool.

A group of b2b and b2c members of the Introbox panel will contribute in order to test your product. Their direct open minded feedback and reactions or social media presence will further support discovery of the next strategy steps.

Did you know?

Retailers and Foodservice want to know if customers are
interested in trying a product before they will put it on shelves.


The panel could give the following input and first reaction out of the market on subjects as: First impression; Taste; Packaging; Pricing ideas; Interest and awareness; Purchasing desire; Degree of innovation; Adaptation degree for the European market.

We aim at boosting the products in order to help them get into at home and out of home! By boosting launchpad products we help more innovative, better-for-you brands make it on shelves, and helping us to increase availability of better for you products!

 Be the first to discover up-and-coming, innovative brands.